Jewelry Care

While our jewelry was created to last a lifetime, there are some factors that can contribute to the everyday wear and tear of your fine jewelry.

Storing your Jewelry
Because of the high value and rarity of certain jewelry, some people like to store their jewelry in a safe when not in use. If you have individual gemstones, a soft pouch is good for keeping them from coming in contact with other hard surfaces. It is best to store silver jewelry in a cool, dry place, preferably in a soft piece of felt or cloth. Ask one of our sales representatives about getting a jewelry box for all your valued pieces.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Be careful using ultrasonic cleaners, as only certain gemstones can handle the ultrasonic vibrations. Pearls, opals, and other soft stones shouldn’t be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners. Diamond cleaners usually contain ammonia and water specifically meant for diamonds and may not be the best solution for other stones. Silver jewelry can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth, with or without special silver cleaning solution.

Using a soft brush you can remove dust or dirt from under the setting. However you must consider that your prongs could be loose, you could potentially remove dirt that is holding your stones in. If you haven’t cleaned your jewelry in awhile you can bring it in for a free inspection and cleaning, our jewelers will make sure to take extra precautions to prevent future problems such as lost stones.


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