Happy Faces of JC Nation

Happy Faces of Jewelry Creations

Jewelry Creations is all about making people happy. Whether we’re selling an item to a customer to celebrate a special event or working on a project for the community, we at Jewelry Creations are all about the smiles. Jewelry Creations’ smiles are the rewards that make our day! And so we’d like to share them with you. Whenever we can capture the happy faces of Jewelry Creations we will highlight them on facebook. We hope to see your smiling face here someday!



After 5 months of generous donations to support Jaden's Ladder in celebration of our 30th Anniversary, we have a very happy Pandora bracelet winner! Congratulations Robyn! Thank you to all that supported this cause!

gary_and_shelly.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                   gary_and_shelly_2.jpg

Gary and Shelly

Gary and Shelly came in looking for the perfect mounting for her very special ruby stone that Shelly had from her father. Em went above and beyond and their end result was a custom made Alisa Unger ring that fit her ruby perfectly! We’re so happy for you two, congratulations!


Becky and Marc

One Friday afternoon Becky and Marc stopped in to get Becky's rings cleaned before they went to lunch. Shannon asked if their lunch was a special occasion because they were both looking snazy! Becky stated that it was her and her husband Marc's 25th Anniversary and that 25 years ago she had received her ring that was purchased from Jewelry Creations. It was so exciting & special to see Becky and Marc 25 years later. Thank you for letting us take part in your special moments in life, congratulations to you both!


Pandora Friends

Our Pandora friends were very excited to be starting a new Pandora bracelet! We're so happy that you will be experiencing life's unforgettable moments!


lawrence.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           lawrence_2.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Lawrence and Rachel

Lawrence wanted to surprise his wife Rachel with a custom designed diamond anniversary band using Asscher diamonds similar to her engagement ring. Lawrence worked with Mo coming up with a 3 Stone idea with pave stones set all around and our custom design jeweler Allen did a fantastic job making the ring of her dreams. Lawrence surprised his wife Rachel on their anniversary by bringing her into the store and giving her the ring. Congratulations!

kevin_and_amanda_2.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            kevin_and_amanda.jpg

Kevin and Amanda

Kevin wanted to get his girlfriend Amanda the most perfect engagement ring so the World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond was the perfect fit! Laura showed him the Hearts on Fire Simply Bridal Twist ring and he knew instantly that this was the ring for Rachel. Congratulations, we're so happy so have been apart of this exciting time in your lives!


Gary and Bridgette

Gary and Bridgette came in looking to find the perfect engagement ring for Bridgette. After learning about Hearts on Fire where Laura explained how they are The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, Bridgette realized it was the perfect ring for her! Laura loved working with this wonderful couple and they walked away with the ring of her dreams! We’re so happy for you two, a 11/11/11 wedding is scheduled, we wish you two the best!


Ken and Victoria

Ken came to us from Massachusetts looking for a very particular engagement ring for his girlfriend Victoria. Ken had certainly done his research and wanted the Mark Schneider “Dazzling” engagement ring. Em didn’t disappoint and Ken left with the ring he was looking for and a smiling face. Congratulations, we’re so happy to have made your dreams come true!


Friends of Jewelry Creations

These ladies came to us looking to have a very special ring sized. This ring has been passed on through 3 generations and is now sitting on the 4th generation’s finger! They are so happy to keep the tradition going!


Cody and Breana

Cody came in looking for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend Breana. He had a Diamond ring handed down from the family, he wanted to use the Diamond but update the mounting. We ordered different mountings in for Cody to view and he chose a beautiful white gold setting for his Diamond that he knew would be perfect for Breana. Cody definitely surprised Breana with the perfect ring and she said yes! Congratulations to the both of you!


Joseph & Kaleigh

Joseph came to Laura looking for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend who happens to have a very tiny finger, 3 ¼. He was looking for the best and was happy to get her a Hearts on Fire Transcend Engagement ring. The adorable couple had smiling faces and we’re happy to share this happy face with you. Congratulations!


Gary & Julie

Gary came to Jewelry Creations on Apple Harvest day with over 2,000 people to purchase Julie the perfect Hearts on Fire diamond. The crowd didn’t stop the determined Gary and he left the store with a beautiful Hearts on Fire diamond! We’re so happy for you, congratulations!


Brian & Becky

Brian and Becky came in a few months ago to look at engagement rings to give Brian a good idea of what she likes. They both decided on a beautiful white gold diamond mounting and to be a little different (Becky loves Sapphires) Brian picked out a Sapphire to set in the center. Brian came in to pick up the ring without Becky so she had no idea when he was going to give it to her... THE PROPOSAL: With careful planning, Brian was able to have one of Becky’s coworkers take over her shift at midnight and surprised her with roses and said “We need to be somewhere in 4 hours.” They drove to Arcadia Mountain (a favorite spot of theirs) and climbed to the top to watch the sunrise. As the sun was rising Brian proposed to Becky with the beautiful Sapphire and Diamond ring, she said yes! Congratulations, we’re so happy for the both of you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                v                                                                                 tom_and_eilleen.jpg

Tom and Eileen

Tom is from Massachusetts and is the brother of one of our company manufacturers. Upon her recommendation (which we greatly appreciate) Tom and his wife Eileen came to Jewelry Creations to look at engagement rings and bands. Prior to the trip Eileen had lost her wedding rings and was devastated but Tom was determined to replace them for her. She found exactly what she wanted! There was a gorgeous loose diamond that she fell in love with and a semi mount that complimented the diamond perfectly, not to mention the matching band! We’d like to thank our wonderful rep for choosing us out of all the stores she works with to take part in her brother’s life. We are very honored that she felt we had the integrity and selection of rings worthy of her own family. We’re so happy that Eileen has rings on her finger again!


Billy & Sherry

Billy has been family friends with the Hagan’s since he was about 10 years old! He came in with his girlfriend Sherry to look at engagement rings. She absolutely fell in love with the Hearts on Fire Transcend ring! She told Billy out of the two sizes they were looking at that the smallest was perfect, but when Billy came back to pick out the ring, he wanted to get her the larger Hearts on Fire Transcend Ring! Sherry was speechless when Billy gave her the beautiful large Hearts on Fire Transcend! It’s always nice to see friends you know grow up and find wonderful partners in life like Sherry! We’re so happy for the two of you!


Henry and Marie

Henry and Marie came to us with a dear customer, Minnette Induisi. After many years together, Henry felt it was time he and Marie formally and legally cemented their relationship. After all, they loved each other very much. We were thrilled to find the perfect rings for our couple and Henry was sweet enough to reenact his proposal for us. I don’t know whose faces were happier, theirs or ours! Congratulations Henry and Marie!


Jason and Denise

Jason and Denise were looking for a very specific engagement ring! Laura worked very hard to find the perfect mounting and diamond. Jason looked at many diamonds until he found one worthy of Denise. Denise absolutely loves her ring and we love Jason & Denise’s happy faces!



Lisa’s happy face has been with Jewelry Creations for a very long time. You first saw her happy face on our side of the counter where she worked with us for many years. Lisa will always be part of the Jewelry Creations’ family and so we are especially happy when we can put a smile on Lisa, the customer’s face. Lisa came in to get her rings cleaned and checked and to give us ideas for Vern for their anniversary. Lisa spends her time taking care of their beautiful family and running her rental company so she doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on herself. We’re happy to put a smile on Lisa’s face and give her a little me time!


Dan and Tracey 

Dan and Tracey were looking for a custom wedding band to match the beautiful engagement ring that was passed down to Dan from his grandmother. Tracey loved the ring and knew it needed a very special band to complement it. Al designed the most magnificent ring, it actually brought tears to Tracey’s eyes. An October 30th wedding is planned so Tracey doesn’t have long to wait to be able to wear the beautiful set. Congratulations Dan and Tracey we are so happy to be part of your new beginning together!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        v                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        wendy___dan_pic.jpgwendy___dan.jpg

Dan and Wendy

Dan and Wendy actually came into the store for the first time when Dan and Tracey were picking up their custom band. Tracy was overcome with joy and shared her special ring with Wendy and Dan. They were very impressed with not only the custom work but also Laura’s attention to detail and desire to please her customers. We were able to find the perfect diamond and the perfect mounting for this cute and almost perfect couple (if Dan was a Red Sox fan instead of a Yankees fan, they would be truly perfect). Congratulations Dan and Wendy!


Brian and Patricia Miner

Patricia and Brian have been customers for many years. We actually helped them celebrate their tenth anniversary and now they are celebrating their twentieth. Patricia wanted a new ring that was more durable to wear all the time. She and Al designed a ring to incorporate Patricia’s stones that is bold and beautiful and can safely be worn every day. Congratulations and happy anniversary Patricia and Brian. We hope to be able to celebrate many more anniversaries to come!

                                                                                                                                                                                    v                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     jim-bethany.jpg

Jim and Bethany

Jim and Bethany are one of our favorite couples. Joey and I have known Jim since he was ten years old and lived down the street from us. I remember one Halloween we had a big bowl of candy and no trick or treaters. Jim came along and we dumped the whole bowl in his bag! His eyes were so big I think it cemented our friendship for life! We were thrilled to meet his then fiancée, Beth. They were recently wed and honeymooned on a cruise in Europe. Jim has showered Beth with beautiful jewelry which we are sure has added to her already gorgeous smile. And of course Jim’s Jewelry Creations smile will always remind me of the little boy who just scored an entire bowl of candy!


Jeremy and Samantha

Jeremy came to us from Buxton, Maine. Although he is a young guy, Jeremy is a car collector! His girlfriend, Samantha fell in love with the Hearts on Fire Insignia setting. So Jeremy & Boris took a road trip to find the ring of her dreams. We were thrilled to introduce Boris to Rangeley and they become quick buddies! At the same time Laura was busy finding the perfect Hearts on Fire engagement ring for Samantha. Jeremy was so happy that Laura made the process fun & easy and not the challenging experience he had expected. Since Samantha has not yet seen her ring we present to you the happy faces of Boris & Jeremy.

Samantha received her engagement ring on her birthday at breakfast. Jeremy asked her to close her eyes and he then got down on one knee. When Samantha opened her eyes again he asked her to marry him & of course her happy face will tell you she said YES! Congratulations from all of us at Jewelry Creations. 


Dottie and John

Dottie and John both came in to the store to have her thirty year old wedding ring repaired. While she was in the store she picked out a fabulous 1ct princess cut diamond that fit her finger perfectly. The next day without Dottie knowing, John purchased the fabulous 1ct princess cut diamond and instructed Laura to tell Dottie when she came to pick it up her repair that the ring she wanted was sold to another engineer (her husband John is an engineer). Laura had to play along with the surprise and crush Dottie’s dreams when she came in to pick up her ring on Christmas Eve day. Dottie then cried in the car ride home thinking her fabulous 1ct princess cut diamond was sold. Thankfully, Dottie forgave Laura for being so unsympathetic when Laura had mentioned, “oh I could get another one at any time.” John secretly and skillfully disguised the Jewelry Creations package so Dottie had no idea that her ring was waiting for her under the tree. On Christmas morning, Dottie opened her disguised Jewelry Creations box and with tears in her eyes looked at John and said, “You were the engineer!” Dottie again couldn’t stop crying but this time they were tears of joy.



Julie came to Mo looking to upgrade her wedding ring. Julie instantly fell in love with a yellow colored diamond, a rare yet beautiful stone. Mo and Julie worked together to find the perfect setting and custom designed a matching diamond band. The end result was a tear drop shaped yellow diamond mounted into a beautiful diamond setting. The new tear drop ring brought tears to Julie’s eyes, as well as her lifelong friend Mo. We’re so happy to have made you your dream ring!



Katie being a full time college student and working two jobs to pay for school on her own was determined to own her very own Michele Watch. The Carousel CSX Michele Watch was the perfect fit! Katie knew she had a budget with school but we explained to her that she has an option to put the watch on layaway! She put her dream watch on layaway and came in weekly to make payments. She was so anxious to make her final payment she was our first customer yesterday. Her happy face was contagious and we’re so excited for her! Now her big decision is which great bright colored straps to get next. Should she go with the grape purple or bright yellow patent leather?


Rebecca & Douglas

Rebecca and Douglas came into the store just browsing for an engagement ring. Rebecca came across a ring that she said had everything she was looking for. It was the perfect ring! Moments later Joey was sizing it to fit her finger and the happy couple walked out with happy faces and the perfect engagement ring on Rebecca’s finger! Congratulations, we’re so glad you found exactly what you were looking for!



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