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At Jewelry Creations, we want to help you find the perfect jewelry for your special day. We also want to assist you in making the wedding planning process as stress-free as possible; from the moment you say “Yes!” to the moment you say, “I do!”

Here are 8 ways to help you enjoy rather than dread the planning and experience of what many consider to be one of the most memorable days of their lives!

1) Choose an All-in-One Location: It may make your life a bit easier if you choose a venue which can provide guests with affordable accommodations, in addition to a reasonably priced ceremony and reception site. Many venues will offer a discount or package price for using more of their services, so it's often a win-win situation.

2) Choose a Public Venue: Many public gardens and parks will provide a ceremony site for nothing more than a donation. This could save you thousands of dollars and probably a few headaches as well!

3) Attend a Variety of Bridal Events Soon after your Engagement: Get great ideas for a low-cost wedding day that will thrill your guests, and enter to win FREE stuff at the same time!

4) Don’t Overspend on your Wedding Gown! Regardless of your budget, you should avoid paying full price for your wedding dress if possible. There are so many ways to find discounts on brand new or gently used gowns these days, so there is really no reason to overspend, unless you want to throw money down the toilet, that is.

5) Consolidate Services with one Vendor: Now this is just common sense. If you can find a wedding planner or vendor who offers you a reasonably priced package deal with a discount for using all of their services, it’s going to be much more affordable and easier to manage, coordinate and afford than if you hire 5 different vendors.

6) Have Guests Address their Thank You Envelopes for you! It will take them just a couple seconds to do while they are waiting for the DJ to start playing dance music or in between the salad and the main meal. Then, all you have to do is write the thank yous and stick them in the envelopes!

7) Be Flexible with your Decorations: If you don’t mind using the chairs and/or some party string lights from the wedding before or after yours, you can save some money and time on decorating for your big day. Some venues will allow you to use rentals from the wedding following yours or will allow you to keep the previous wedding’s decorations up!

8) Pack the Right Shoes: When you pick out the perfect shoes for your dress, you may have trouble deciding between heels, wedges and flats. You’ll want to look great walking down the aisle without falling down, but you’ll also want some extraordinary shoes for pictures and just because you can. And then there’s the matter of dancing, which can be tough to do in 5-inch heels or wedges. So what’s a girl to do? Pack ‘em all and change as you need to! This way you won’t end up barefoot, but that’s always an option too!


We hope you find these tips helpful! Shop our bridal designers here!


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